New Cooperation Project between Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co., Ltd. and China News Group Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd.

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New Cooperation Project ceremony held in Goss China Shanghai Office, April 2nd, 2019

Left:   Mr. Yu Baolin - Deputy General Manager of Goss China sales company

Right:   Mr. Wu Minggeng - General Manager of Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd.

On April 2nd 2019, China News Group Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd. and Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co., Ltd.  successfully signed Magnum 4II Newspaper Printing Press Project in Shanghai China. Mr. Wu Minggeng, the Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Fuzhou Printing, participated in the project signing ceremony.

Since Jan 2019, The People's Daily has been upgraded in full-color. This innovation is the first full-color printing in the history of People's Daily, and an important adjustment of People's Daily based on market changes of news dissemination and media convergence. As one of the important printers of People's Daily, China News Group Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd. strives to keep up with the trend of the times. The project of web offset printing solution of Magnum 4II will have a significant support Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd. to make a great improvement in newspaper printing quality and efficiency.

Goss China and Fuzhou Printing have a long-term business relationship since 2001, Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd. started the Community SSC300 project with Goss China. Over the past decade, the equipment run steadily with high quality. We received a high evaluation and reputation from Fuzhou Printing is because of the performance of our products and service.

In February 2019, the chairman of Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd., Mr. Yang Fusheng, has visited Goss China with his team to conduct an on-site inspection.  Based on all efforts of both sides, we believe Fuzhou Printing Co., Ltd. and Goss China will go to a new level of business cooperation and achieve greater results.


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