WISPRINT WS-D625 book printing system installation for Hubei Xinhua Printing Co. Ltd

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Following delays in the schedule due to the current worldwide health crisis, the installation of the new WISPRINT WS-D625 book printing system finally recommenced in early June at Hubei Xinhua Printing. Goss Graphic Systems China (GGSC) is proud to have been chosen as a supplier of the equipment for this modern book printing facility.

With the core markets of textbooks and books, Hubei Xinhua Printing is one of the four major printers in China.  In 2018, it was awarded the title of ‘Printing Enterprise of the Year’ from People's Education Association. In recent years the company has made major investments into new technologies, including the state of the art WISPRINT WS-D625 which will give them competitive advantage as according to the statistics of Hubei Printing Association, much of the book printing equipment in the area is somewhat dated and does not fully satisfy the market demands.  


The WISPRINT WS-D range has been specifically designed for books and prides itself in high commercial quality of print. Included as standard are such features as plate cocking and a powerful ink train. The multifunctional book folder, based on proven JF45 folder design, is capable of automatic format changes in less than one minute. The four-unit two-web, one-folder WS-D625 installation for Hubei Xinhua Printing is scheduled to be fully commissioned by GGSC.


In business terms, installation of the WS-D625 book press brings cost reduction opportunities and increased efficiencies, and also sets a good foundation for future development.


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