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Photo: WISPRINT Brand Conference on Dec 27th, 2018

On Dec 2018, Goss China successfully held a conference of brand upgrade of Wisprint. During the introduction conference, Goss China also shared new goal of product innovation and business plan. In order to enter the first echelon in global printing industry, Goss China is actively seeking business other than newspapers, books, commerce and packaging printing segments, while actively exploring the global market.

Nowadays, with the development and changes of the printing market, the traditional printing system cannot fulfill the new demands gradually. Wisprint - a new brand of Goss China - provides more intelligent, higher quality and diversified printing solutions to meet new requests and needs from clients.

The new brand of Goss China, Wisprint, will carry the company's expectations for future development, integrate internet applications and solutions, and become a winner of both competition and the era of printing system providers with intelligent printing solutions.

The new logo includes 3 aspects, SMART · GREEN · FUTURE
“SMART” reflects higher intelligence;
“GREEN” reflects more environmental protection;
“FUTURE” reflects sustainable products innovation.
Such new image will drive Goss China more competitive in business development, more internationalized and professional on product innovation.

Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co., Ltd. will continually improve its core values of enterprises, do a greater job in the construction of corporate culture, provide smarter products for the global printing industry, and bring users the best experience.

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