• Wisprint Compact

    The Wisprint Compact press offers the newest technology in single-width offset and a maximum rated speed of 50,000 copies per hour. Based on our proven technology, it offers a new level of print quality, productivity and delivers more flexibility for news paper, book and semi-commercial printers.

  • Wisprint 80

    The Wisprint 80 press is recognized worldwide for high-level print quality and productivity. It offers the flexibility of a single-width press while the two-plate-around configuration allows maximum productivity with printing speed up to 80,000 copies per hour. Wisprint 80 provides the flexibility for printers' production requirements to serve the local and regional market with mid to high volume products.

  • Wisprint 45

    The Wisprint 45 is the latest evolution of highly productive single width one-plate-around press with over 40,000 similar units installed over the world. The Wisprint 45 incorporates the latest shaftless drive technology and user-friendly controls that give maximum flexibility and ease-of-use for different printing requirements. With automation features, Wisprint 45 press brings flexibility and high productivity advantages for those medium circulation printers.

  • Wisprint 35

    The Wisprint 35 Press of single-width, one-plate-around web offset press has good reputation in newspaper printing segment for its ease-of-use and flexible performance for newspaper coldset, heatset and UV printing applications. Based on sustainable technical upgrades, the Wisprint 35 press continually leads in the market; it is a wise choice for medium to low circulation printers with fine print quality, and high net productivity.

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