• Aqua Stream

    Our Aqua Stream is designed to meet the growing demand and for environmentally friendly packaging. Capable of printing on paper or board, the Aqua Stream uses water-based flexographic printing process. The press is modular in design and can be easily configured to meet the customer printing needs. Optional turner bars allow for reversing side printing if required. In additional to printing packaging, customers are also using the Aqua Stream to produce environmentally friendly books.

  • Litho Vario

    The Litho Vario is a web offset press that allows for variable print repeat lengths. This press was developed for packaging customers to print short production runs and still stay competitively due to the lower cost of web offset consumables. Capable of printing on film, paper or board, the Litho Vario is very versatile for the packaging printer.

  • Varier L850

    The Varier L850 offers new variable repeat length offset technology which can be configured to meet the requirements of the demanding packing printers. It can be supplied with UV or EB drying systems (or both) and is designed to run on a wide range of film, paper and board substrates, making it ideal for label printing.

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