• Newspaper Solution

    Wisprint newspaper press series can meet all requirements of the demanding newspaper publishers or contract printers from regardless of volume. Tailored to productivity requirements, single and double-diameter versions are available in eight and 16-page (tabloid) formats, and with speeds from 35,000 to 80,000 copies per hour. Wisprint newspaper presses are modular in design and can easily be expanded to meet new demands based on customers' business growth.

  • Book Solution

    Based on sustainable technology development, Goss Graphic Systems (China) has introduced the highly automated Wisprint WS-D web offset printing press for production of high quality books and commercial material and has been installed in book printers not only in China but also over the world.

  • Packaging Solution

    Considering environmental protection trends and the increased awareness of ‘Greener Packaging’, Goss Graphic Systems (China) has developed environmental friendly packaging presses. We offer more efficient offset presses as well as a flexographic press option for printing with water-based ink.

  • Commercial Solution

    In the field of commercial printing, productivity, reliability and simplified operation requirements are increasingly necessary. In addition, the printing quality expectation and turnaround times are also becoming more critical. According to market conditions, Goss Graphic Systems (China) offers a wide range of commercial printing presses to meet customers' demands.

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